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websites with character

small biz, great site

We create great web sites for the little guy -- for artists and authors, for local shops and restaurants, for solo professionals and community groups.

modern look

Your site can be formal or casual, flashy or laid-back, romantic or hard-edged. But it can't look like it time-traveled from 2007. We design sites with a clean, modern feel that will fit your visitors' expectations.

modern tech

Our sites sit atop modern technology that makes them load fast and display properly on any device -- a desktop, a laptop, a phone, or a tablet. And they're secure, structured sites that satisfy Google and other search engines.

all new, all you

We don't use templates. We don't make cookie-cutter sites. We take time to know you, your business, and your target customers. Then we build something unique, just for you.

what you need

We'll build a site with the features you need -- it can be a basic, single page site, or it can include a store, a blog, a members area, text chat, take-out ordering. Whatever you need.

how you need it

We rely on a robust, full-featured hosting service that pulls all your web site functionality together in one place -- store, mail, blog, chat, member area, customer invoicing -- and gives you a single control center for everything.


We understand small businesses, artists, and authors. We're a small business ourselves. Your funds are limited, but your standards are high. We build sites that are affordable but that you can be proud of. 

who we are

Our designers have been building custom software and web sites for businesses and creative people throughout the U.S. and Canada for decades. We're based in San Antonio's vibrant South Alamo Street arts and entertainment district.

talk to us

Have questions? Want to do something right away? Have ideas you'd like to discuss? Click the contact button or use the chat box to get in touch.

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We've put together a thirty-page ebook for you: Creating an Author Website with Character.

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Loft 2203 builds web sites for the little guy -- for authors and artists, for small shops and restaurants, for solo professionals and community groups.

We're located in San Antonio's vibrant South Alamo Street arts and entertainment district. Our friends and neighbors are artists, writers, shop owners, graphic artists, and software developers. That's our world.

We do work for clients across the United States, but those neighborhood roots are baked into our relationship with every client.

The background photo for this page is a work by Alex Holyoakeand and is used by permission.

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