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Severe Clear Healing

In 2001, immediately following the 9/11 terrorist attack, a small non-profit in New York City began collecting stories from people across the country about how they had experienced and dealt with the trauma of that event. This past year, Terri Laxton Brooks, the director of that non-profit, approached us about building a website that would use those stories to help people deal with recent public trauma, like COVID-19.

Loft 2203

During the past year, we ran a handful of very successful advertisements in a writers' publication. There were two versions of the ad, each featuring a different photo. In each case, the landing page was based on the photo used in the ad. The call to action was the same in both pages: Requesting an ebook.

LNF Weekly

We’re located in San Antonio’s vibrant South Alamo Street arts and entertainment district. It’s a historic neighborhood. It’s also a true residential community. We built this neighborhood news magazine for the community, to promote its businesses and artists and to discuss its issues. We created it, and now we continue to write for it and act as its editors. At its heart is a database we designed to simplify the publication of regular ‘issues’ of the magazine.


Business law firms tend to be conservative, not flashy. When the law firm of Plunkett Griesenbeck & Mimari decided to modernize its website, the aim was to make it technically up-to-date. They wanted a responsive site that worked well on desktops, phones, and tablets, but they wanted to keep their traditional look and feel. The message they wanted to send was: 'We've been doing this for quite a while. Let us handle it for you.'

Marty Krueger, County Supervisor

Marty Krueger is on the board of supervisors for Sauk County, Wisconsin, a mostly-rural county not too far from Madison. He wanted a way that he could better engage with his constituents about the issues facing the county, a way that he could explain issues outside the often-technical language of the county's own website.

Gretchen Rose

Gretchen Rose approached us to create a site for her new children's book, Dune Dragons, set in the beautiful sand dunes along Lake Michigan. We based the design on her favorite photo of the area.

The site now includes many more books, and it's approaching time for a redesign to accommodate the broader variety.

Kay Freeman

Kay Freeman needed a site for her new romance novel, Truth Moon. It was Kay's first novel, but she was already an established artist.

Kay's novel is not a traditional romance, and she didn't want a frilly site with flowers and hearts. We worked with her to develop a site that better represented the personality of her book. 

Website Gallery

Here's a sampling of websites we've created. We've selected a range of sites, from a non-profit to a law firm, with more in-between.

Al Rendon Photography

Al Rendon is both an artist and a commercial photographer. His artwork -- documenting the Mexican culture of South Texas -- is in the Smithsonian. His commercial photography has appeared on the covers of Newsweek and People magazines and in national ad campaigns. We designed a website to showcase both sides of his work.

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