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Storm clouds over warehouses converted into restuarants alongside a river.

Modern, fresh, affordable websites for Southtown

Jane Gennarelli and I know and love our Southtown neighborhood. Through our own LNF Weekly website, we work to promote neighborhood artists, businesses, and community organizations. We'd like to help build your website. -- Jim Feuerstein

What we do


We design sites with character. We take the time to know you and your art or business, because a good website should reflect your personality.


We work to make the site building process easy. We take care of things. We help you understand your options aand make the right choices.


We're writers, and we'll help you create content for your site. We can do that at the beginning. We can also do it on a continuing basis.


Once your site is built, it doesn't have to be static. Over time you'll want to make changes and add new information. We'll help with that.

Some examples


We built this neighborhood 'magazine' website atop a custom database that enables us to instantly publish an entire new 'issue' with just a couple of mouse clicks. We also edit the publication and write much of its content.

A magazine cover with headlines and a background painting of people dancing


Al Rendon is both a commercial photographer, whose photos have appeared on the covers of Newsweek and People magazine, and an artist whose work hangs in The Smithsonian. We designed a site to show off both sides of his work.

A webpage featuring a gallery of photographs


Gretchen Rose is a King William author. We built this site initially to showcase her new book, Dune Dragons. The site has grown to include many newer books, and it will need a redesign soon to accommodate all the added content.

A webpage with text and a photograph of a writer displaying an open book


We've designed sites for authors, artists, law firms, and non-profits. We've got a gallery of examples on our Loft 2203 website. Take a look, and then contact us to discuss the site you'd like to build.

A website home page with colorful art and blocks of text

Loft 2203 builds web sites for the little guy -- for authors and artists, for small shops and restaurants, for solo professionals and community groups.

We're located in San Antonio's vibrant South Alamo Street arts and entertainment district. Our friends and neighbors are artists, writers, shop owners, graphic artists, and software developers. That's our world.

We do work for clients across the United States, but those neighborhood roots are baked into our relationship with every client.

The background photo for this page shows Blue Star, with the Riverwalk just below.

This page is © 2022 by Loft 2203, a Labor Street business.

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