The big picture


There are two ways we may directly or indirectly collect your data through our web site.

  • First, when you interact with us through one of our forms, via chat, via email, or via a purchase transaction, we keep a record of that interaction. We do that so we can provide appropriate support to you as a client or a prospect.

  • Second, our hosting service, Wix, tracks site visitors and activity. Wix also handles our credit card transactions. Wix has a privacy statement that you can find here:

The details

The Wix policies are what they are. We don't control them.

As for our own policies:

We keep records of our interactions with you so that we can support you as needed and so that we can maintain our sales and financial records. We don't share that information with anyone (other than Wix, as described above). Of course, we will respond to legal demands for information from courts or government entities.

Changes to this policy

We may make changes to this policy in the future, so be sure to check back for updates.